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Speaker Profile: Tom Goldstein

Co-founder of SCOTUSblog and noted Supreme Court advocate to speak at RISE Above conference on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

We're pleased to announce that Tom Goldstein, co-founder of SCOTUSblog, lawyer for one of the parties in just under 10% of the cases argued before the Supreme Court in the last 15 years, and 2nd chair to Laurence Tribe and David Boies on behalf of Vice President Al Gore in Bush v. Gore, will speak at the Rise Above conference on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

Tom Goldstein is an appellate advocate, best known as one of the nation’s most experienced Supreme Court practitioners. He has served as counsel to one of the parties in roughly 10% of all of the Court’s merits cases for the past 15 years (more than 100 in total), personally arguing 38. He has been counsel on more successful petitions for certiorari over the past decade than any other lawyer in private practice. Over the past fifteen years, the firm’s petitions for certiorari have been granted at a higher rate than any private law firm or legal clinic.

In addition to practicing law, Tom has taught Supreme Court Litigation at Harvard Law School since 2004, and previously taught the same subject at Stanford Law School for nearly a decade. Tom is also the co-founder and publisher of SCOTUSblog – a web-site devoted to comprehensive coverage of the Court – which is the only weblog ever to receive the Peabody Award.


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